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CIBSE talks Green Deal certification and benefits for non domestic properties

CIBSE Certification Ltd has announced it is now offering assessment of Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) for certifying competence as a Green Deal Advisor (GDA).

The APEL route to certification, which is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and already used by CIBSE, the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, to certify Energy Assessors, will now allow experienced practitioners who can demonstrate that they already have all the required skills and knowledge to become Green Deal Advisors.

By offering certification to building engineers and surveyors with proven skills and competence over a minimum of two years – rather than those who have simply completed a short training course and assessment – CIBSE can be confident that businesses and organisations will receive the best possible advice.

Non-domestic property

Buildings use almost 50% of the UK’s energy and it is recognised that 20% of the energy used in buildings is needlessly wasted.

Credit DECC

Credit DECC

The Green Deal enables a route for non-domestic property owners to consider upgrading their building stock, as well as homeowners. Energy minister Greg Barker said on Thursday 11th April that the Green Deal market was “gathering real momentum”. In the non-domestic sector the Green Deal covers lighting, mechanical ventilation and heat recovery, along with the insulation, heating and hot water, glazing and micro-generation options that the domestic sector focuses on.

The first Non-Domestic Green Deal Report from a CIBSE certified company has already been lodged. Andrew Geens, head of certification at CIBSE, said:

“CIBSE is welcoming the Green Deal initiative as a tool to help make buildings more energy efficient. However it is critical for this initiative to work that all Green Deal Advisors provide the best informed advice on where energy performance improvements can be made.”

Richard Hipkiss, CEO of digitalenergy, the first company to be certified by CIBSE and to put its employees through the APEL route said:

“The complexity of building services in commercial property is immense – heating, cooling, ventilation. These were all designed to match the specific building fabric elements and activity profiles, either at time of construction or refurbishment. Therefore the amount of knowledge and experience needed to be an effective Non-Domestic Advisor is significant.”


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