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Cleaning and support services provider, LCC goes 100% self delivery

Bob Vincent, Executive Chairman of LCC

LCC the national cleaning and support services business has completed its programme to provide self-delivery of work on all of its accounts across the UK.

The final stage was to transfer staff from a sub contractor under TUPE on one of its Scottish clients, making them all 100% LCC employees.

LCC’s Scottish operation has grown considerably this year, largely as part of national account development. Client sites include major centres for Centrica in Edinburgh, Hamilton, Dumfries and Uddingstone; CISCO in Edinburgh and Glasgow; Royal Haskoning and Santander in Edinburgh.

Bob Vincent, Executive Chairman of LCC said; “This is a great day for LCC. We now provide our own trained staff on every contract across the UK so we can deliver identical service levels on every site. We have a great team in Scotland which is helping us to rapidly grow the business there.”

LCC is one of the UK’s largest independent support service providers. To find out more please contact LCC on 01277 268899. info@lccss.co.uk, or www.lccss.co.uk





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