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Cleen and Changing Places team up to improve washroom standards

The Changing Places Consortium, which campaigns for the provision of specially-adapted washroom facilities, has adopted an innovative system to help raise standards across the UK.

More than 1,300 Changing Places facilities are now registered across the UK and monitoring these will now be far easier thanks to Cleen – the UK’s first fully integrated washroom services management tool and review app – which has been developed by Derby-based Hygiene Services Group (HSG). Cleen enables washroom users to log and publish reviews – good and bad – via a free app that is easily downloaded onto a smartphone.

These are monitored by the Changing Places Consortium via the Cleen Dashboard. Now venues who have Changing Places washrooms can use the technology to also monitor reviews, take action and post positive reviews themselves. Facility providers can also purchase the Cleen Tablet which are installed in or near washrooms and enables reviews to be posted directly on site without a smartphone.

For more information visit www.cleen.world, email hello@cleen.world or call 0800 032 7760.


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