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Clenetix teams up with Airthings for Business

Cleaning software specialist, Clenetix, has partnered with Airthings for Business, a global company that provides digital technology to improve indoor air quality.

The partnership will enable Clenetix users to access live air quality data about virus risk, CO2, temperature, humidity, airborne chemicals, radon, light, occupancy, mould risk and air pressure levels.

With discreet sensors, Airthings for Business helps FMs understand what is in the air so they can make more intelligent decisions about improving ventilation and building maintenance to create a safer and healthier environment for staff, visitors and tenants that boosts workplace productivity, and reduces energy costs.

Under the partnership, the fully customisable Airthings for Business dashboard is displayed within the Clenetix Insights Portal. It provides a real-time view of indoor air quality, identifies risks and prompts alerts and advanced analytics and reporting. It delivers valuable tips about how to reduce indoor air hazards, improve ventilation for a healthier and safer environment and optimise energy efficiency to drive cost savings. Facilities managers can also upload floorplans for a visual overview of the air in their buildings.

Like Clenetix, Airthings for Business is a plug-and-play solution and sensors can be set up as part of the simple Clenetix installation, without the need for any cabling or invasive installation.

Peter Stock, MD and Co-founder of Clenetix commented: “With the threat of Covid-19, air quality has never been more important. Including air quality control in our offering to provide a clean and healthy environment that promotes wellbeing and productivity was a natural next step. Air quality monitoring will be especially critical with the return to the workplace. We are committed to ensuring our customers enjoy clean and safe environments and we are excited to partner with Airthings for Business to deliver this next level of intelligence.”

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