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Coffee is becoming a hot favourite perk in the office

More offices are now ditching the traditional kettle to make their hot beverages in favour of filter machines, coffee pod machines or fresh bean-to-cup coffee machines according to the latest hot drinks survey from the Office Coffee Company.

Richard Doherty, managing director at the Office Coffee Company said: “The choice of drinks on the high street is now being replicated in the home, and the office. There’s no escaping the need for choice as coffee drinkers are split in their preference for a Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Flat White or Espresso. We even found a desire amongst 10 per cent of office workers for hot chocolate.”

The 2015 survey also revealed there has been a strong shift towards coffee being the favourite hot drink of office workers, with 47 per cent of them leaving the office during the working day to purchase coffee from the high street. Leading Doherty to ask businesses “wouldn’t it be better to have coffee shop choice and quality-tasting hot drinks on site?”

The survey also asked office workers about the importance of their employer’s green credentials, with 63 per cent answering that they felt them to be ‘very important’ or ‘quite important’. However, this said, only 25 per cent of those surveyed were confident that ethically sourced tea and coffee was being provided by their employers.


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