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Combining flair and function in assessible bathroom design

PressalitCarePlusThe introduction of the new PLUS track system from Pressalit Care brings an added touch of comfort alongside high levels of functionality in accessible bathroom design.
Designed to ensure greater independence for users, the PLUS track system gives the freedom to fit bathrooms both large and small in a contemporary style that not only provides the flexibility required for disabled users, but brings long term investment value.
Ease of use, comfort, flair and usability all come as part of the package.

With soft, rounded edges and a choice of bold and dynamic colours, the PLUS system features a wall-mounted track which allows easy movement of the different bathroom elements. The horizontal track makes it possible to move products along the wall, making space for wheelchair access, while the vertical track enables quick and easy height adjustment.

Several elements can be fitted safely onto the track such as basin, shower seat, toilet and arm supports. Combined with other elements in the system the result is an attractive bathroom that can be used and enjoyed by disabled and able-bodied users alike.

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