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Coventry University enhances business processes with Traka

Coventry University is using Traka’s intelligent key management solutions to add value and establish a sophisticated business process for staff and contractors working across its multi-site facilities.

The top University in the Complete University Guide 2018 league tables has established Traka state-of-the-art management solution at the core of a clear business process for all staff and contractors working across its sites on a 24 / 7 basis.

Control over keys and access cards for technicians and contractors’, enabled with Traka, ensures access is only granted to authorised personnel for vehicles and sensitive areas, including the communications server room access, alongside roof access and associated PPE equipment usages and fire and security alarms.

A highly developed email system created within Traka’s specialist software presents live reports and instant notifications along with a complete audit trail capability, including attendance and curfew notifications and even illegal handover notifications, all adding to the accountability of staff, technicians and contractors alike.

Says Nigel Young, Building Services & Contractors Manager – Operations & Maintenance: “With over 1,400 different contractors working across our sites, we needed a system that could help keep track of keys and cards, and enable us to know who is on what site at any given time (24/7.) This is right from a time of call to highlight maintenance requirements to actual attendance on site and project completion.

“Traka’s solution allows us to achieve these objectives and so much more. With the real time email system we can monitor usage and instantly keep control of keys and access.

“From a management perspective, it also improves our efficiencies and professional response times, plus we can use it as a KPI support tool where we have emergency response requirements within contracts.”

Traka’s key management cabinets in education are designed to offer an intelligent replacement solution to poor key management systems, which often results in keys going missing and limited records of who has access and when they were taken or returned. Not only does this mean there is no accountability but also valuable time and resource is taken organising replacements, leaving campus sites vulnerable.

Wayne Kynaston, Market Development Manager in Education for Traka added: “When Nigel and his team originally approached us to discuss key management options, it was really from a compliance and health and safety perspective to ensure increased awareness of what contractors were on site, when and for how long.

“When we demonstrated the true capability of the system, and linked it to Traka software, the opportunity to present more of a value added service and contribute towards creating an efficient running business process for all staff and contractors was clear to see. We’re delighted to see the system working so effectively for this top university and as its own campus sites grow, we look forward to expanding the operation and increasing our support.”

For more information on Traka’s specialist key management and equipment management solutions, please visit www.traka.com


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