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Covid has supercharged the transformation of the workplace

The latest digital technology has developed exponentially to help FM play a return to the office and ensure a smooth transition to hybrid forms of working. This was the overriding message of the product demos at the Facility Show Connect 2021 which took place on Wednesday 9th June.

In the first talk of the day Matthew Hickley, Solution Consultant, Planon explained how its software supports an agile workplace environment spanning a range of workplace applications, from visitor and access management in a building to supporting workers based at home.

Covid has accelerated the tech process with people having to adapt to new ways of working, he explained and as people start to go back to the office smart solutions are needed. This is why the mobile apps offered as part of the solution are designed to be used easily, allowing users to scan QR codes to get straight to the information they require.

In the second tech talk of the morning, Service Works Global (SWG) showcased its QFM software including CAFM, space management, BIM & digitisation services.

During the Q&A session, Nancy Brown Account Director, Service Works Global explained that as some companies look to scale down their office areas, SWG can offer a range of Covid solutions to help with flexible working.

As the lockdown rules change,” she added, “the software offers a range of options that can be inputted into the system, and we also include space solutions that allow people to work more remotely and in a hybrid way.”

She concluded: “We live in a digital era, where data is absolutely key and our product suites allow you to standardise on that and create a common platform.”

During the afternoon sessions, Wynn Morris Head of Sales – Public Sector, Your Workspace explained how they have helped organisations around the globe transition to an agile way of working through their smart storage solutions.

He said: “The whole world is working smarter and the office is no exception. Based on data collected we’ve found regardless of sector, between 30 and 35 per cent of lockers are not used efficiently and 90 per cent of lockers are occupied but not accessed regularly.”

“With Smart technology, we have the ability to collect, store, analyse and distribute vast amounts of data. This means we can not only monitor and control various areas, but companies can improve business processes to make cost savings based on real time facts and figures.”

And in the final session of the day Steven Crake Business Development Manager, simPRO Software Ltd demonstrated their cloud-based an end-to-end operation solution that streamlines field workflows.

He explained: “We know who we want to work with and that’s predominantly field based businesses. We aim to help organisations that are carrying out reactive or service-based projects, which is where our sweet spot lies.”

If you would like to view any of the product demos or contact the companies involved for more information, please use the link below.



10:00, 10:45, 11:30 & 12:15 Elogbooks, Fsi @Yourservice, CADM, Dutchview product demos

14:00 Data Driven Decision Making


  • Sara Bean, Editor, FMJ


  • Edward Payne, Chief Engineer, Kettering General Hospital
  • Hazel Bedson, Strategy Director, Service Works Global
  • Mark Griffiths MSc CIWFM, Founder and Managing Director, WMA Consultancy Services Ltd

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