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CP launch batten mount PIR detector range

New from CP Electronics is a series of miniature PIR (passive infrared) presence detectors that have been designed to provide automatic control of lighting loads using an IR (infrared) handset. Specifically engineered for mounting directly onto a batten style luminaire (either inside or out), the miniature detectors can also be controlled manually if required.

When movement is detected by the PIR sensor, the load will switch on and when the area is vacated the load will switch off, following an adjustable time out period. Sensitivity to movement can also be adjusted using the sensitivity parameter.

The Batten Mount detectors are available in three options: premium, direct dim and analogue dim, all of which will switch linear fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting. The direct dim model will control DALI or DSI digital dimming ballasts and the analogue dim for variant control 1-10V dimming ballasts.

The units are IP65 rated, making them suitable for both outdoor use and wet/wash down areas. A selection of fixing components are supplied to allow easy incorporation into a variety of luminaire styles.


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