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Cut price drinks cup collection bin

Leafield Environmental has launched a new Envirobin Economy M-T Cup Bin that it claims can reduce the volume of used cups litter by a factor of ten.

The M-T Cup Bin has six apertures through which cups are deposited and a central aperture through which excess liquid and residual dregs are poured into a removable 7.5 litre reservoir.

The tubular moulded design maximises cup collection capacity by encouraging the cups to nest inside each other up to the full height of the tube. In this way some 500 cups can be collected in a single bin.

The liquids reservoir is removed easily for emptying and cleaning and the bin tubes are simply emptied by inverting the bin over an appropriate plastic bin bag. The individual tubes are purposely designed to open out into a common space at the base of the bin in order to make cleaning and rinsing the bin an easy operation.

The body of the bin is mottle slate grey in colour while the lid is WRAP compliant colour coded to indicate plastic or paper cups, (red for plastic and blue for paper).

Priced at a competitive £75.00 excl. VAT, the durable rotationally moulded polyethylene construction will give many years of useful service, helping keep the area around drinks dispensing machines clean and tidy.


Telephone: 01225 816523
Email: litter@leafield-environmental.com
Web: www.leafieldrecycle.com


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