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Cycle to work schemes encourage happier and healthier workforces

Edenred, a business which encourages and helps companies to engage and motivate people to achieve enhanced performance has recently published a new study which looks at the positive effects cycling to work has on both employers and its employees.

Cycle-to-work-The study has led to compelling evidence that organisations whose staff cycle to work benefit from a happy and healthier workforce and as a result have lower reduced sickness absence. The figures revealing that those who come to work on a bike take on average 1.3 fewer sick days than those that don’t.

The success of the Olympic cyclists in 2012 led to a huge increase in the number of cycle-to-work schemes, with Edenred claiming that one-in-two people who signed up to these schemes are now cycling to work. They also state that Cycle to Work is the fastest growing cost effective benefit that works for all businesses regardless of their size and second only to childcare vouchers as the most popular salary sacrifice scheme.

With more pressure now on organisations to address the issue of employee wellbeing, and to accept it as a key factor in enhancing staff and overall business performance, Edenred states that encouraging bike-commuting is just one viable way of keeping staff healthy and happy, whilst giving them 47% (based on additional rate of tax) off the cost of a new bike and accessories. Businesses are also able to benefit too, saving money on employer NI.

Edenred has created a Cycle to Work Guide, providing information on how businesses can launch their own successful scheme and focuses on the following:

  • The Benefits of Cycle to Work
  • The bike commuting gap – how a million working days can be saved every year
  • Tips for launching a successful scheme in your organisation
  • How Cycle to Work schemes work and how to set one up
  • Case Study: How Zodiac Aerospace launched their hugely successful scheme




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