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Data centre owners could save a minimum of 20% on specialist cleaning

Tens of thousands of pounds could be saved on technical cleaning if data centre owners changed the way specialist cleaning and decontamination was commissioned according to Mark Plant, CEO at 8 Solutions, a data centre healthcare company specialising in the deep cleaning and decontamination of critical environments.

Currently, there are many companies involved in the long process of building a data centre, from construction through to the critical facility being fully operational. This typically involves various contractors and sub-contractors who in turn will contract out technical cleaning at various points in the process. Mark, however, believes that between 20-30% of technical cleaning costs could be saved if data centre owners used 8 Solutions new Life Cycle Contamination Management service.

He explains, “When a new data centre is built a typical specialised cleaning programme might involve one post construction clean, up to four deep clinical cleans, one surface clean, one final clean and then on-going maintenance cleaning. This process is a long journey and often involves various sub-contractors working with at least one or two specialist cleaning companies with incremental mark ups as standard within this type of multi-level structure.”

With continual pressures on companies to cut costs and look at greater efficiencies, Mark advises contactors that a move to 8 Solutions’ Life Cycle Contamination Management will slash costs, with savings typically running into tens of thousands of pounds. He explains, “Using a single specialised cleaning partner who is involved from the outset, from the design and planning stage and then throughout the various stages of construction, cabinet installation, cabling fit out, and equipment installation, through to client handover and the data centre being operational, is far more cost-effective. There are also significant time efficiency savings.”

8 Solutions believes there are eight key benefits for the owners of data centres of using its Life Cycle Contamination Management service, these include:

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