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DECC HQ slashes energy rating

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has been awarded an improved Display Energy Certificate (DEC) rating of ‘C’ for its headquarters building.

Greg Barker in front of DECC HQ, (Crown copyright)

A DEC is measure of the energy efficiency of a building, which is rated on a scale of A to G, with A being the most efficient and G being the least.

On moving into 3 Whitehall Place in Autumn 2008, DECC’s HQ had a ‘G’ rating. Since then it has made improving its energy efficiency and carbon emissions a priority, including the publication of its first ever Carbon Management Plan in July 2011.

Greg Barker, minister of state for climate change, said:

“The new higher DEC rating of “C” represents a great achievement for the Department over the last four years. Only 23% of commercial buildings are rated C or above.”

“Since 2008, the Department has cut its energy consumption by 60% and slashed carbon emissions by half. This is even more impressive when you consider that staff numbers in the building have risen since DECC took it on.”

“With the right commitment, large organisations can make a big difference to their overheads and to their environmental impact, and DECC’s achievement is proof of that.”

Based on current energy prices, DECC estimates to have saved around

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