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Digital Washroom Reporting that will revolutionise the world of Facilities Management

How Intel, Carlsberg and Ben Gurion Airport solved one of the most challenging problems for Facilities Managers.

What if we could station a cleaner next to each washroom?

What if there was someone who would be able to immediately replenish shortages, clean up a mess as soon as it occurs, and even make the washroom smell nice?

What if you were able to know of any damaged toilets or fixtures, leaking taps with just 1 click?

How many complaints would be saved? What effect could positive customer feedback have for your company’s facilities?

Introducing BuzzzTech, your smart washroom assistant. Buzzz is stationed in a visible position within your washroom, with 1 click the washroom user can let you know if there is a shortage of toilet paper, handtowels, if the floor is dirty or slippery, or if there are any breakages. You receive this information instantly and can respond immediately.

Users click Buzzz once with their issue, this click allows you to receive reports and analyse the information that is received about the usage of your washrooms and the frequency of problems. It allows you to look at the amount of use each different washroom gets, recognise which are the problematic ones, analyse the nature of the issues related with cleanliness, find out at what times of the day these problems occur and receive reports on the frequency of cleaning without the report being public.




This analytic approach supports you to make much better use of the cleaners, making their time more efficient, measure your peeks and problems with a monitoring tool that will help you to increase cleanliness, reduce maintenance times and improve customer satisfaction.


We are so confident Buzzz can improve the standard of your cleaning that we are offering a 3 month no commitment trial.

Please contact us at BuzzzTech Ltd, Langley House, Park Road, London N2 8EY  – by telephoning 07368 297523, emailing office@buzzztech.co.uk  or by visiting our website www.buzzztech.co.uk


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