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Document and records management advice

Whether you are in a small business or a larger business, your business records are not usually at the forefront of your mind.

However, better control of your documents or data will give you benefits you may not realise.

Off-site records management makes available valuable office space for income generation; also freeing your employee’s time searching for that file.

Is your records space the cupboard under the stairs or worse? Is it full; with old computers or monitors making access difficult?

Off-site dense secure storage gives better working environments and more productivity in your business. Rapid retrievals of your documents avoid wasted searching time. “That was quick” is a frequent comment.

Management of records ensures they are only kept them as long as necessary. Don’t just think of a “box of documents” but of the service embodied in the management of that box and its contents.

As an alternative to physical file retrieval the file could be scanned on demand to a pdf format and e-mailed.

Where are the disks of the software loaded to your computer? What happens if disaster strikes; theft, fire or flood, do you have a remotely stored disaster recovery box?


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