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Don’t let smelly washrooms lose you business!

Facilities Management contracts are often let down by washrooms that have persistent odours. Don’t let one area leave you chasing new business – instead, turn to AIRSteril’s technology to defeat odours and bring your washrooms up to the same standards that you’ve achieved everywhere else!

Busy washrooms with a heavy footfall are difficult to keep clean, science. AIRSteril can ensure those washrooms stay odour-free without having to implement unnecessary cleaning cycles just to impress your client.

Cut your costs and increase profits by working smarter and letting the most advanced washroom technology in the world help you clean to high standards more efficiently and cost effectively without any compromise on hygiene standards.

They haven’t yet invented a duster or mop to sanitize and purify the air but Airsteril does exactly this – twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year!

Even we can’t guarantee your contract’s renewal but by impressing your clients with odourless, infection-free washrooms it certainly improves your chances. Invest in technology that will pay for itself with reduced cleaning cycles that demand less manpower – it will save you many thousands of pounds on labour costs alone.

AIRSteril’s Washroom Complete units are scientifically proven to eliminate odours and reduce the need for cleaning cycles to maintain cleanliness standards that match food production facilities. We can hear the cheer of a thousand Facilities Managers! Your contracts are safe with AIRSteril’s proven technology that saves you money and retains your contracts!

We’re so confident in our AIRSteril units that we invite you to challenge us!

Install AIRSteril in your smelliest washrooms and we promise to give you your money back if the odour isn’t completely eliminated!*

*Terms and conditions apply

For more information visit www.airsteril.co.uk, email info@airsteril.co.uk or call 01234 871 875.


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