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Labour leader pays ISS employees at KPMG a well-earned visit

It was an evening shift with a difference for the ISS cleaning operatives at KPMG’s Bristol office when the leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, paid an out of hours visit to meet them to discuss the Living Wage.

Miliband was keen to hear first-hand how receiving a fair rate of pay makes a difference to their lives and he requested a one-to-one with each member of the team, including: Angela Francis, Mark Ellington, Deeq Amed and Fahan Mohamed.

He also spoke to operations manager, Ashley Winter, who reiterated ISS’ commitment as a Living Wage employer, citing that it had been introduced as early as 2006 in some cases and resulted in a number of benefits, including improved staff turnover.

ISS recently became one of the first major FM companies to sign the Living Wage Foundation’s service provider accreditation. This sees the company formally committing to paying a Living Wage for all support staff employed on the ISS estate, and to including a Living Wage option in all tender submissions.

Mr Miliband chose to visit KPMG because of its reputation as a long-standing Living Wage employer. It came just a few days before Living Wage Week when he announced an intention to incentivise employers to pay the Living Wage.

His plans to introduce ‘Make Work Pay’ contracts aim to encourage businesses to give every low paid worker a raise by offering a 12 month tax rebate of up to £1,000 for those who pay the Living Wage rates.

A spokesman for Ed Miliband said:

“Ed was extremely pleased with how the visit went and had some good conversations with the staff that were all very positive about their experiences.”

Chris Newman, facilities workplace regional manager – London North and South, KPMG said:

“Overall, the visit went really well. The ISS staff were excited to meet Ed and have an opportunity to discuss how the Living Wage benefits them, but also share experiences about friends that are not on Living Wage.”


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