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Efficient water management with the CONTI + CNX water management system

Functional safety and ease of maintenance are a pre-requisite for large-scale facilities where systems must be kept running smoothly and germ-free. The introduction of the CNX water management system from CONTI+ to the UK brings a system scaleable to the most extensive facility with working installations already controlling germ contamination across Europe. Up to 150 taps, showers or urinals can be wirelessly connected to one control box with settings such as hygienic flush and thermal disinfection controlled in the intuitive software.

Through easy to understand colour-coded messages and notifications Facility Managers can be kept up to date in real time on system activities highlighting any anomolies which can be investigated quickly and efficiently.

Complementary functions such as a cleaning or operation stop complete the valve management. The uncomplicated and easy to understand operation is applied at all levels with drag & drop facility making easy work of the set up. All software updates can be automatically transferred to the electronic units and the converters whenever the CNX Controller is connected to the internet via LAN. Integration into a building management system GLT is ensured by the CONTI + CNX water management system via an API interface.

Discover the efficiency of CONTI+, contact Paul Musgrove, UK Development Manager.

W: conti.plus
E: paul.musgrove@conti.plus


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