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Electric vehicle charging: Could Tap-n-Charge save the day?

According to UK government and industry projections, our roads and motorways should, by now, be teeming with both hybrid and full electric vehicles but sadly, this clearly is not the case.

The latest official statistics recently released confirm that so far in 2012, the total number of electric / electric hybrid vehicles sold in the UK is significantly lower than projected and this is raising serious concerns with both the EV manufacturers and the government.

A recent report issued by the Transport Select Committee commented that the government’s £11 million investment in encouraging EV sales had benefitted only a handful of motorists. The recommendation by this committee is that the government evaluate the charging infrastructure and make charging points more accessible to the general public.

Kieron Alsop, Rolec EV’s Managing Director commented, “This statement issued by the Transport Select Committee is not at all surprising and is something that I, and a number of my colleagues and associates in the industry, have been warning and campaigning about over the past 2 years.”

Range Anxiety

Alsop continues, “It is quite obvious, and has been so for a number of years, that the main reason the public is reluctant to consider investing and embracing the electric vehicle movement has been coined in a single phrase, ‘range anxiety’.

This range anxiety is single-handedly being perpetuated by the lack of publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations which are being installed at such a slow pace, that it appears that they are almost nationally non-existent.

For example, in our home town of Boston, Lincolnshire, there are no publicly accessible EV charging stations, with the nearest one some 36 miles away in the city of Lincoln.

This kind of scarcity of charging points is clearly stifling the growth of the EV industry and the anxiety created by the lack of charging points, is far outweighing both the financial and moral benefits of owning and driving an electric vehicle.

In addition to the nationwide lack of charging points, the fact is that the charging stations that are in operation and are publicly accessible tend to be regionalised and operated by private card schemes and paid membership networks. This means that in order to leave your home, it is more than likely that you would have to join your local or regional charging station provider, be forced to pay a joining fee to obtain an RFID Smartcard, then a monthly membership fee plus the fee to actually charge your vehicle each time, and all this can only apply in the unlikely event that there happens to be a charging station in your area!

Even if you lived or worked in a region of the country with a reasonable concentration of charging points, if your journey from point A to point E involves passing through different charging station networks, you could find yourself having to apply for RFID Smartcards and membership to all of points A, B, C, D and E. A recent survey showed an EV driver travelling 175 miles across the country who was required to become a member of 6 different paid charging station schemes, which is a nonsense.

The Future of EV Charging

Having spent two years observing, whilst attempting to highlight the negative impact of regional paid membership charging schemes, and the slow progress in the implementation of a national EV charging infrastructure due to perceived lack of government direction, Rolec EV has developed what they believe to be the world’s first contactless Tap-n-Charge / multimedia electric vehicle charging station known as AutoCharge Direct.

EV Charging made Easy

This new concept in EV charging requires no joining fees, no monthly membership fees, is simple and accessible, and is a direct result of the EV drivers’ resentment at what they believe to be exploitation and being forced into having to join expensive and unnecessary vehicle charging schemes. The AutoCharge Direct charging station allows every EV driver to effortlessly charge their vehicle using their own bank-issued and secure contactless debit / credit card, which most people usually carry in their wallets.

As well as the ever-present contactless debit / credit card payment facilities, AutoCharge Direct is also able to accept payment via NFC enabled or paytag secure mobile phones. Additional payment methods include contactless wristbands, and even EV driver key fobs which can be directly linked to your everyday bank account or alternatively can be part of a pre-loaded account, making them an ideal EV charging payment solution for individuals hiring cars, company cars or similar.

The idea of key fobs with pre-loaded credit is of particular interest to the EV manufacturers / sales showrooms who are looking to present these with every EV purchase as a complimentary gift.

Multimedia Platform

As well as being the only Tap-n-Charge contactless payment charging station, AutoCharge Direct is, as far as we are aware, the world’s first multimedia interactive charging pedestal.

Multimedia opportunities include on-screen advertising, QR codes, loyalty reward schemes and a host of other marketing tools.

Additional AutoCharge Direct Features

As well as the revolutionary contactless Tap-n-Charge technology and multimedia capability, every Autocharge Direct charging station in the country will be included on a map app providing easy directions to their location and will even inform the EV driver of whether the charging point is in use or available. This feature also allows the EV driver to reserve an EV charging point in advance via mobile phone.

For further information on the AutoCharge Direct charging station and Tap-n-Charge contactless technology, please contact Rolec EV on rolec@rolecserv.co.uk or phone Bianca Alsop on 01205 724754.





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