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Elevator experts to launch industry first ‘ecosystem’ display kit at this year’s NAEC Convention

The market leaders in innovative elevator engineering solutions, Avire, is launching the industry’s first display product kit at this year’s NAEC Convention and Exposition in Atlantic City (26th – 27th September 2018). The PRP display kit is the first of its kind on the marketplace and promises to save lift maintenance companies and building owners a considerable amount of time and money.

The ecosystem of products includes a PRP Display Unit, Navigation Box, Display Communication Platform (DCP) and a Drag and Drop Layout Designer, all designed to mitigate the difficulties faced by lift maintenance companies when updating or modernising a display unit in a lift.

In order for the display to show required information such as floor level and direction of travel, it must communicate with the lift controller using signals. However, as each lift controller has a different protocol, which is not openly shared, it makes the process of installing a new display unnecessarily challenging.

Avire’s PRP display kit alleviates this issue by allowing maintenance companies to install the display  without needing to decode the lift controller by wiring an encoder. The PRP display is connected to a Navigation Box which is a self-learning sensor, and this informs the display about the required lift information such as floor number and direction of travel.   What’s more, the unit can be installed on the Car Operating Panel (COP) with minimal effort as the display processor and screen are mounted either side of the COP and connected by a single cable. As there is no requirement to remove the existing metalwork, the engineer’s time on site and therefore overall cost, is reduced.   Other benefits of the PRP display kit includes:

  • Avire’s Digital Communication Platform (DCP), launched earlier this year provides a 2-way data link from the lift to the outside world that can be used to extract data from any connected device in the lift to a secure cloud platform.
  • Drag and Drop Layout designer is an intuitive new software which allows building owners to remotely update the display layouts to ensure that they are relevant and engaging to lift users.

Rob Lewis, Managing Director at Avire, commented: “As experts in elevator innovation, to be able to bring our PRP display kit, an industry first, to the market is fantastic. This ecosystem of products really will make a difference to lift maintenance companies by finally enabling them to upgrade display units within elevators hassle free – saving at least four hours of additional work. We are delighted to launch the kits at this year’s NAEC Exposition, highlighting key benefits to the international audience and offering advice and guidance. We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand and introducing our new kits.”

As well as launching the PRP display kit at this year’s NAEC Annual Convention and Exposition, Avire will also be exhibiting its globally recognised light curtain, Panachrome. The innovative elevator door sensor, which includes unique green and red coloured indicators that operate on door movement, is used around the world in premium and high-traffic applications. The leading product has been proven to improve passenger safety, enhance aesthetics and reduce door damage, ultimately reducing cost and out of office service issues.  What’s more using reflective infrared technology, Panachrome’s 3D detection is able to extend passenger protection to the landing area, meaning approaching passengers will trigger the doors to reopen.

Avire’s team of elevator specialists will be on hand to offer expert advice and discuss both the PRP display kits and the Panachrome throughout the 2-day exhibition at Atlantic City’s Convention Centre (stand number 2121)

For more information regarding Avire and its new PRP display kits, please visit https://www.avire-global.com/products/display-solutions/lcd/prp-retrofit-lcd-display/


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