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Eliminate washroom odours, improve hygiene & save money! It can’t be true, but it is!

We all know smelly washrooms can cost contracts, get ahead of the game and satisfy your clients.

No matter how regularly you clean a well-used aging washroom with traditional cleaning methods, airborne and surface bacteria will always build up quicker than you can clean. Small cracks in the tiles or in the seal around sinks are prime places for bacteria to sit and multiply, these cracks are not reachable with traditional cleaning methods and create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. 

The resulting bacteria growth can lead to foul-smelling washrooms where the odours almost impossible to eradicate. Fragrances don’t work! The background smell of vanilla or pine combined with urine can make odours even worse. In the past no matter what you did in these circumstances the mall odours prevailed, but not with AIRsteril! AIRsteril goes directly to the source and eliminates the bacteria so it’s not a cover-up job. 

Cleaning staff are so often unfairly blamed for these issues when it is in fact the building fabric being past its sell-by date. So many contracts are lost because the client believes their cleaning staff are unable to handle the maintenance of the building.

AIRsteril units advanced technology are the answer this industry has been searching for! They are proven to eliminate airborne and surface bacteria by utilising a combination of air and surface purification technologies which have been proven to continuously reduce bacteria. The unit kills up to 98.11% of airborne bacteria and viruses within five minutes and reduces surface bacteria within one hour by up to 59.47% including MRSA, (Full Health Protection Agency Laboratory Report available on request.) 

So how does AIRsteril save you money? AIRsteril units will sanitise the air and all exposed surfaces 24/7 meaning you can reduce cleaning cycles without any compromise on hygiene for your client. One cleaning cycle will accommodate even the most difficult large contracts so you can focus your efforts in the front of house and allow your client to see the full scope and value of your services.

We have a portfolio of contracts available to view which demonstrate how reduced cleaning cycles allow the AIRsteril unit to pay for itself within the first year. There are also real-life examples of clients who now have fresh smelling clean washrooms everywhere.

Remember a retained contract is always the most profitable one and a satisfied client is as important as price when it comes to renewing a contract. Before chasing new clients make sure you are retaining existing clients by upgrading to AIRsteril!

Our AIRsteril experts are at your service, we offer a free, no obligation site survey and quotation service from our technical experts.
For more information visit www.airsteril.co.uk, email info@airsteril.co.uk or call +44 (0) 845 372 1922.

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