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Employee-centric workplaces must not miss the people factor

Employee involvement in the planning, implementation and evaluation of their workplace is decreasing, despite a trend towards delivering ‘employee-centric’ offices, a recent report has claimed.

The study, entitled ‘The Once Alternative Workplace Strategies’, was conducted and released by Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), Global Workplace Analytics and Haworth Inc, and supported by the IFMA Workplace Evolutionaries. It represents the views of 130 organisations and over 2.3 million employees – to explore the drivers and perceived benefits of alternative workplace programmes, uncovering the leadership and workplace strategy implications for organisational leaders.

Having surveyed 130 organisations representing over 2.3m employees globally, the research pinpoints five leading trends within today’s workplaces, and compares the findings to the initial research from more than a decade ago.

One of the key trends is that despite the focus on designing and delivering employee-centric workplaces, employee involvement is decreasingAs alternative workplace programmes increase in size and maturity, the report shows employee involvement in the planning, implementation and evaluation has significantly decreased. This runs contrary to what the researchers have found works best: the more people involved in the process, the more likely they are to accept and own it.

Chris Hood, research lead and one of the directors at Advanced Workplace Associates comments on the results stating: “Workplace innovation is a litmus test for management quality and leadership. This isn’t about real estate, it’s actually about people and business outcomes.

 “Unfortunately, however, the results of this global study demonstrate that a high percentage of companies still see this as a real estate initiative and not the opportunity to reinvent their businesses in deeper and more transformational ways.”

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