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Energy Eye – smarter surveying for energy savings and reduced costs

E3 Global has added Energy Eye, a powerful software package that provides a dynamic view of a buildings energy performance, to the company’s portfolio of energy saving products. Suitable for any size of surveying operation, Energy Eye provides an exact and up-to-date picture of a buildings energy consumption and carbon emissions, allowing building owners the impact of their energy saving strategies.

Available in two tiers, gold and platinum, Energy Eye software enables surveyors and contractors alike to make detailed surveys of building and energy consuming assets whilst walking through the site survey, then to calculate and clearly display the relevant data. This allows the identification of issues, classification and scheduling of work required, even down to labour and parts costs, with the ability to export data to other applications. This information can then be uploaded, including survey results, building plans and photos to the central Energy Eye system. Using Energy Eye, building operators can cover many different types of energy efficiency on site, including building structure, lighting, electrical power and appliances, HVAC. IT, Comms and solar generation.

Energy Eye Gold is an entry level version allowing a wide range of surveys to be carried out, collected data displayed, stored and manipulated, as well as proposals drawn up and project elements calculated. Energy Eye Platinum has all the features of Energy Eye Gold, but in addition takes the imported survey information and allows for the production of energy efficient improvements based upon the existing facilities.

Cloud based Energy Eye is secure, extremely reliable and has built-in modules that allow the preparation of summary reports and customisable improvement proposals in Word or PDF formats. Energy Eye will assist in managing and supporting energy efficiency projects throughout their life cycle. It can generate job schedules for the management of complex projects, as well as parts lists, and variation orders for additional works.

Using Energy Eye reduces our surveying time by around 50 percent and therefore increases the number of surveys that can be undertaken in a day. Due to increased productivity our customers achieve a return on their investments within just a couple of months and, to date, over 100,000 successful surveys have been carried out using Energy Eye.

For more information visit www.e3light.co.uk, email uksales@e3light.com or call 01707 243430.


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