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Enhance your operations in 2019 with Lean Management 

As businesses we are always striving to make improvements where we can, whether it be to increase customer satisfaction, boost profits or even to improve staff efficiency. Implementing ‘Lean Management’ into your working environment can help you do just that.

But what is ‘Lean Management’?
In short, the foundation of lean management is finding and eliminating waste without compromising on productivity.

‘Waste’ refers to anything that is not adding value to the product or the service that you are providing.

A simple way to remember the various types of waste is the acronym DOWNTIME, which stands for:
Not utilising skills
Inventory excess
Motion waste
Excess processing

Which methods can help increase efficiency? 
Of the 20+ methods used to improve efficiency, two of the most common are 5S and Kaizen.

5S is a five-stage approach to ensuring a clean and organised workplace. This helps keep machinery in working order and can also help to make your staff work to their full potential.

It works closely with the Kaizen method which is a system that uses feedback, often from staff, to help identify areas of improvement. Giving your staff a chance to speak can help boost morale and motivate the workforce.

3 simple ways you can start implementing ‘Lean Management’

  1. Using floor marking tape and shapes in a busy warehouse environment can help boost efficiency and staff safety. Simply marking out areas such as loading and parking bays with DURABLE’s anti-slip floor marking solutions is a great long term solution with no installation costs involved.
  2. Optimise your racking labelling system with DURABLE logistic pockets. The scan-proof pockets, which are also tear-resistant are a great way to protect your labels, increase efficiency and avoid mistakes when orders are being picked and packed.
  3. Employee safety is always a high priority and it’s important that this is not forgotten when implementing ‘lean’ practices. Using floor marking signs is a great way to help staff quickly identify hazards, processes and safety information.

Key takeaways:
• Lean Management doesn’t have to be difficult
• DURABLE floor tapes are anti-slip and hard-wearing
• No need for installation fee’s
• Logistic pockets can help improve efficiency
• Floor markings can help prioritise staff safety
• Cost-effective long-term solution

To find out more information and to request a sample, email us: hello@durable-uk.com, visit www.durable-uk.com or call 01202 893 799.


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