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ErP what it means for radiant heaters

With the ErP Directive coming into force on 1st January 2018, Daniel Wild, Senior Development Engineer at Nortek Global HVAC explains what it means for radiant heaters going forward.

All radiant tube heaters and tube heater systems will be required to have a minimum seasonal efficiency (calculated from radiant efficiency, thermal efficiency and electrical power consumption) of 74% and NOx emissions not more than 200mg/kWh input based on gross calorific value. Crucially, these minimum criteria are applicable for both new installations and when replacing existing products. As a result, customers can be assured that the heating equipment they are purchasing is highly energy efficient and emissions of harmful environmental pollutants are constrained.

The Ecodesign regulation (EU) 2015/1188 along with the implementing Directive 2009/125/EC is an EU policy aimed at improving the energy efficiency and other environmental performance criteria for energy-related products (ErP), such as gas fired overhead radiant tube heaters.

For this regulation, products have been divided into product groups or ‘Lots’ with gas fired overhead radiant tube heaters, tube heater systems, and gas fired luminous plaque heaters all contained within Lot 20.

Lot 20 provides the minimum energy efficiency and environmental values for each heating technology. Any product that does not comply with the requirements cannot be marketed and sold within the EU – including the UK. Following the referendum in the UK to leave the EU all requirements of Ecodesign will still have to be complied with as it could take up to two years to negotiate an exit. Even then, unless new legislation is introduced, ErP will continue to be one of many methods employed to reduce the environmental impact of heating technology.

Unlike other products, gas fired radiant heaters and some other commercial heating appliances are excluded from mandatory energy labelling under Regulation 2015/1186 as they are directly planned and purchased by HVAC professionals. However, product literature and free access websites of manufacturers must indicate the seasonal efficiency and NOx emissions for each product or system.

Nortek, have a wide range of products that already exceed the minimum conditions as laid out by Directive 2009/125/EC Lot 20. Our aim is to ensure that each and every one of our products that are installed results in an efficient heating system that is compliant with the new legislation, whilst minimising cost and inconvenience to the end user.

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