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Arrone AR5500 Door Closer

An essential guide to fire door safety

Since the Grenfell Tower disaster last June, the focus on fire safety has rightly intensified, making it crucial that individuals and businesses realise the vital role that fire doors play in helping to save lives and protect properties.

The UK’s largest ironmongery supplier, IronmongeryDirect, has created a checklist advising on the essential components required to make fire doors compliant.

Twin Ball Bearing Fire Door Hinge

It is recommended the door has a minimum of three hinges fitted, with intumescent pads installed in the correct material. The hinges should be CE marked and be the correct grade for the door.

The Twin Ball Bearing Fire Door Hinge for instance, is specifically designed for fire door usage and is suitable for use on fire doors up to 120kg.

2) Signs
The correct signage should be fitted to the door in accordance with BS 499. If the door has a closer, signage should be visible on both sides.

3) Hold open devices
Hold opens devices are the only legal method for keeping a fire door open. They should release the door when required and need to be tested in accordance with EN1155 for electromechanical devices. It is vital that the batteries are regularly checked and

Dorgard Hold-Open Device

charged. if the device is flashing or beeping the batteries may need changing.

The Dorgard is an intelligent fire door hold open device that listens for a continuous fire alarm sound level of over 65 decibels. After approximately 14 seconds, the Dorgard will release, allowing the fire door to close under the pressure of the overhead door closer. It requires no wiring as it is self-contained, battery operated and takes just minutes to install with just four screws.

4) Door closers
It is recommended that a minimum power size 3 closer should be fitted and must be CE marked. Practical tests are important when testing door closers: the closing time of the door should be no longer than 25 seconds and once open to five degrees or 75mm, it’s vital to ensure the door closes correctly with the latch engaged. Also, check that the closer is free from damage and safe from leaking.

Arrone AR5500 Door Closer

With a 120-minute rating, a 10-year guarantee and delayed action, the Arrone AR3500 Door Closer is an ideal solution offering durability and flexibility.

5) Locks and latches
Be sure the latch holds the door firmly in place without rattling. It is also essential to check that the lock is fitted with the correct intumescent and is CE marked.

6) Seals
Seals are perhaps the most overlooked aspect of a door. Without checking, it may not be immediately obvious whether they have suffered any damage or breakage. Therefore, it is important that the intumescent seals are in place, that they are continuous around the hardware and fitted correctly into their rebate. The glazing beads should also be well attached to the frame and free from damage.

Fire & Smoke Intumescent Strip

The Fire and Smoke Intumescent Strip from Pyroplex is a good choice as it has a high tack self-adhesive backing for quick and easy fitting. All brushes are black with no plastic fin, reducing noise levels and resistance. The strips are also available in various sizes and depending on choice, have a fire rating of 30 or 60 minutes.

Fire doors are often the first line of defence in the event of a fire, but they can be the first thing to be downgraded on a specification and mismanaged throughout their service life as well as being propped open, poorly maintained and damaged.

To download the full fire door checklist, visit www.ironmongerydirect.co.uk/fire-safety.

IronmongeryDirect has over 16,000 products available and in stock. Orders can be placed as late as 8pm for next day delivery, and by 4pm on weekends. Free, no quibble returns are available on all products.

For more information, visit IronmongeryDirect.com or call their team of specialist advisors on 0800 168 28 28.





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