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EU Biocidal Product Regulations set to have major impact on cleaning industries

Leading bioscience company Genesis Biosciences has welcomed new EU Biocidal Products Regulations changes and is urging businesses to be aware of the impact of those changes on their supply chains.

A number of new provisions are set to be implemented, including the introduction of an ‘approved suppliers list’ (in Article 95 of the Biocidal Products Regulations). From September 1, only biocidal products containing active substances supplied by an approved supplier on the list can be legally placed on the EU market.

Genesis-Biosciences-MIFM-Sep15Speaking about the changes, Phil Caunt, Research and Development Specialist at Genesis Biosciences said: “The introduction of an approved suppliers list is an important step to improving the current European Biocidal Products Regulations. The changes will create a more transparent market, and will also ensure stricter regulation of biocidal products. 

“From September 1, businesses can only purchase biocidal products from suppliers on the EU approved supplier list; therefore it’s vital that businesses understand how the regulations will impact on the supply of their biocidal products and technologies.

“The regulations will be immediately enforced, and non-complying businesses will only be given a small-window to switch to an approved biocidal supplier. If businesses still do not comply, then fines will be issued.”

index-21.phpIn short, a biocidal product is one that contains an ‘active substance’ (organism) that can destroy or render harmless any harmful organism by any means other than physical or mechanical action.

Under the BPR (EU no. 528/2012), 22 types of biocide product types will be grouped into four groups:
1. Disinfectants
2. Preservative
3. Pest Control
4. ‘Other’ biocidal products

All biocidal products manufactured in, or imported into the EU fall under the Biocidal Products Regulations. The regulations aim to ensure the safety of biocides on the European market and to improve the assessment of the substances and products permitted for marketing in biocides.

The regulatory changes will therefore make it obligatory for biocidal product suppliers to have a clearly identified active substance; this will improve the classification of biocidal products and make the market clearer for consumers purchasing biocidal products.

The introduction of an ‘approved suppliers list’ will have a large impact on business supply chains across the EU where biocidal products are purchased.

Biocidal products are used in a number of markets including the facilities management industry, the aquaculture and waste-water treatment industry, and by retail manufacturers.

Companies who purchase biocidal products and technologies must ensure that they purchase their products from suppliers from the approved suppliers list after September 1, or will breach EU regulations.

For more information visit www.genesisbiosciences.co.uk/ or call 029.2079.1185.


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