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Workplace technologies – an enabler for change

Today’s growth in technology capabilities, exponential increase in computing power, and ubiquitous Internet connectivity among other digital advances is changing the way employees and enterprises work.

Organisations are benefiting from the increased digitisation of the workplace through increased productivity, cost savings, a more mobile workforce, and generally increased adaptability in an ever increasingly complex world.  Enterprises are collaborating worldwide, with more diverse and global staff.  Employees can now work from anywhere as long as they have reliable Internet.

While this has been a boom for employers, it has also changed the power balance in the employer-employee relationship towards the employee.  The ability to work from anywhere and stay connected through smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices has enabled employees to collaborate with peers and stay on top of digital trends more readily than the organisations they work for.  This new digital landscape creates its own challenges;

  • 83% of employees’ state that change is necessary at their organisation,
  • Half of employees feel pressured due to the ‘always-on’ nature of work,
  • third of employees cite burn-out as a reason for leaving their job,
  • And 86% of CEOs say that security issues posed by emerging technologies are a serious concern.

Integrating digital technologies into the workplace has the potential for transforming the productivity of workers but also creates its own distinct culture, impacting the previous work culture and the work experience.  These changes challenge the workplace by forcing both executives and employees to adapt the way they interact with each other and the technologies that enable their work.

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