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Performance reporting is key to FM success

Facilities management (FM) software provider, Service Works Group has published a new guide which identifies the benefits of performance reporting in the FM sector.

‘A facilities management function that performs well is like a world-class orchestra where players and instruments are brought together to create the perfect performance in timing, tempo and balance. Well-executed performance management can take on the role of the conductor to shape the FM department’s powerful performance.’

This key message comes in Service Works Group’s new guide ‘Performance Excellence in Facilities Management’ which explains how, whether the FM service is delivered by an external provider or an in-house team, the effective management of performance can drive the FM function to work at optimum level and achieve the highest service levels.

The guide offers top tips for any business looking to improve its FM performance management. It examines the main principles; from the use of service level agreements and key performance indicators to measure good performance (and imposing financial penalties for poor performance) to the impact that gain share and the intelligent client can have on performance excellence.

Performance reporting can also provide a corner-stone to success and the guide outlines how software solutions can support FMs by providing real-time, historical, and projected performance analysis and visualisation of end-to-end performance. This enables service providers to improve performance through early detection and proactive monitoring, as well as tracking KPIs and their impact on the business and contractual SLAs.

The guide moves performance management away from statistics gathering. It considers how data can be transformed and used strategically to ensure that a company always has the capability and the supply base to support informed decision making in order to develop an FM strategy which delivers a successful outcome.

To receive a complimentary copy of Service Works’ guide ‘Performance Excellence in Facilities Management’, please email info@swg.com or call +44  (0)208 877 4080.

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