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Facilities Show: co-cre8 launches a new sustainably-sourced internal waste and recycling unit

co-cre8, one of the UK’s leading practitioners in designing and implementing circular systems, has launched an innovative, new, British-made internal waste and recycling bin that provides a true circular story for its customers. The modular ‘rBIN’ will increase trust in the recycling process by incorporating recycled materials into its design, enabling businesses to reduce general waste and recycle more, with less contamination.

The rBIN contains a high percentage of locally-sourced recycled materials and is manufactured in the UK. Utilising resources already in the market reduces the need for virgin materials and demonstrates the effectiveness of recycling systems. Furthermore, once the units come to the end of their natural lives, co-cre8 will either rebrand and resell the units, or recycle the materials back into new products, thereby demonstrating its circularity credentials.

co-cre8 Managing Director, Peter Goodwin commented: “Attitudes and behaviours surrounding consumerism need to adapt in a way that supports circular solutions rather than linear ones. Our focus, therefore, is to disrupt the current ‘take-make-waste’ market by implementing working circular models to replace it.”

With increased focus on producer responsibility, demand has increased for effective recycling solutions in a wide range of business environments including cafes, offices, shops, leisure facilities and events. Until now, however, the choice of bin available to the market has been bland, any lacking clear instructions on how they should be properly used.

co-cre8 says the rBIN changes this, with a fully brandable exterior and helpful graphics that truly engage and educate the user. As proud ‘Made in Britain’ members, co-cre8 also provides the assurance that all of its products are sourced and manufactured within a UK supply chain. Buying British made products assures quality, reliability and supports our local economy. It also eliminates the risk of international supply delays and reduces negative carbon emissions from global transport.

The new rBIN will premiere at the Facilities Show (17-19 May at ExCeL London). Additional highlights include a large range of Cup Recycling Stations that collect single-use cups in the most effective way. Their tube-stacking design reduces contamination and maximises the capacity of the collection sacks, greatly reducing disposal costs. co-cre8’s Mobile Cup Recycling Stations are the only Department for Transport (DFT) approved cup recycling stations in Britain, and are currently in use at Network Rail, Great Western Railway and Chiltern Railways stations across the UK.

Visit co-cre8 at the Facilities Show to find out more Stand FM1604.

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