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Fernox to attend PHEX+ exhibition in London

Fernox will be exhibiting its latest product innovation, the TF1 Omega Filter, alongside market leading Cleaner F3 and Protector F1 at PHEX+ from 20th-21st June at Alexander Palace. The Fernox team will be on hand at Stand 1 to answer any questions about its market leading product range.

The Fernox stand will exhibit its latest innovation in water treatment – the TF1 Omega Filter. The next-generation, nickel-plated, brass system filter has a high capacity and compact design, making it ideal for use in restricted spaces and access areas. Additionally, the filter utilises dual action technology to remove both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from heating system water, thereby offering outstanding debris capture and system protection.

Also featured on the Fernox Stand will be the Filter Fluid+ Protector – a unique, enhanced inhibitor and dispersant package which delivers system debris to a system filter whilst offering high quality inhibition to prevent corrosion and scale developing.

Visitors to Stand 1 will also have a chance to discover Fernox proven Cleaner F3 and Protector F1 chemical water treatments. Removing sludge, scale and debris, the F3 Cleaner is a powerful, non-foaming chemical cleaner. Crucially, this makes it quicker to remove from the system compared to other cleaners. Once clean, the system can be inhibited by the industry tried-and-tested Protector F1. Combining three types of inhibitor, this product offers optimum protection against corrosion and limescale formation by forming protective barriers between the system metals and water.

Francine Wickham, Fernox Global Marketing Director said, “We are looking forward to showcasing our market leading products at the PHEX+ exhibition in London. It’s a great opportunity to share expert knowledge and get valuable feedback from the trade.” 

For more information about the event and to register, please visit http://www.phexshow.co.uk


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