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Fighting White Collar Weight Gain: Adding more movement to the workday can be a game changer

Read any research into the relationship between a sedentary job and health and a common theme will emerge. Office workers globally describe the difficulty in balancing a healthy lifestyle with a demanding, desk-based career. Surprised? Unlikely. Employers are well aware of the problem. It’s a big reason why annual biometrics screenings and wellness programs incentivise employees to know their numbers and lose weight.

Unfortunately, these well-intentioned efforts are not seeing the engagement that employers would like. According to a survey, 28 percent of employees say their company provides gym passes, workout facilities or wellness benefits, but 63 percent of this group doesn’t take advantage of them. Clearly there’s a disconnect. The solution to fighting white-collar weight gain may be in shifting the focus from afterhours exercise incentives to on-the-clock non-exercise incentives.

Enter the Standing Desk
Sit-stand desks are more than just hype. They’re effective at reducing sedentary time and adding more LLPA, also referred to as non-exercise activity, to the workday. According to Ergotron’s Workplace Movement Assessment survey, once provided with access to sit-stand workstations, nearly one-third of employees spent more than half of their workday standing, stretching or walking, and 80 percent reduced their sitting by an hour or more.

More movement can lower stress, increase productivity and heighten creativity and collaboration. It can also improve comfort, mood and employee satisfaction. Plus, employees have autonomy in how they engage on a daily basis, gradually changing behaviours and responding to the varying needs of their bodies each day.

The best part? Unlike underutilised gym memberships, employees actually want to work standing up. According to the 2016 JustStand Index, 61 percent of employees would rather alternate between sitting and standing during the workday.

Employees want healthier workplaces. Employers want healthy employees. Create a workplace that’s dynamic and full of energy, and has a positive impact on employee health, happiness, collaboration and creativity every single day.

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