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Findings reveal many organisations view climate change as more pressing than coronavirus

Sustainability consultant, ETL, has consulted with public and private sector organisations and found that 63 per cent of those asked believe climate change is much more pressing than coronavirus.

The findings also revealed that 75 per cent of respondents strongly agree that the natural environment and climate should be prioritised in the post-pandemic recovery, with 96 per cent of respondents agreeing that a green recovery is necessary.

Public and private sector organisations who were consulted include local authorities, NHS Trusts, academic institutions, and sustainability professions. Over half of the respondents state their sustainability plans have continued as much as possible, however, a quarter say they have been delayed or stopped. Eight per cent of respondents’ organisations do not yet have a sustainability programme in place.

In addition, almost two thirds of respondents think that sustainability should be placed higher on the agenda following the pandemic.

Alexandra Hammond, Sustainability Director at ETL said: “Overall ETL’s findings are encouraging and demonstrate that public and private organisations are committed to driving the sustainability agenda and net zero targets.

“Even more compelling is that despite being on the frontline of Covid-19, NHS Trusts still place the natural environment and climate higher on the agenda than the virus, cementing its importance.

“Whilst net zero carbon by 2050 may seem like a distant target, meeting it will pose a significant challenge, and it’s imperative that we channel people’s motivation to deliver a green recovery by planning for the future, setting targets and taking action to deliver a net zero carbon UK.”

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