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Five reasons why businesses should run DBS checks

DBS checks are one of the most vital tools in an employer’s arsenal, defending businesses against people who have a history of crime, drug abuse or sex related offences which could ultimately cost your business money and also its reputation.

It is a common misconception that DBS checks are only needed in the care and education sectors, but if you care about your business, shouldn’t you defend it as you would a vulnerable child?

An effective DBS checking system will help your business identify unsuitable candidates, acting as an initial screening to avoid any nasty surprises later on.

Still not convinced?

Here are Personnel Checks top five reasons why your business should invest in DBS checks:

  • Brand Reputation
    A good reputation is key for business’s financial success and this generally comes as a result of positive customer experiences, trustworthiness and transparency of communications. Being able to claim that your staff are DBS checked does just that. It shows customers that you care about them, it demonstrates that your employees can be trusted and being able to provide certification on demand fulfils the communication transparency element.
  • Security
    It is not all about locking doors and windows or installing stronger passwords; your business can still be at risk of security breaches if you do not know who you are employing. Research done by Personnel Checks has revealed that employee screening reduced instances of employee theft by 16 per cent so by requesting that all members of staff complete a basic DBS check you can increase internal security and gain peace of mind.
  • Positive Work Environment
    Trust is a key issue in employer-employee relationships and you need to be able to rely on your employee to do a good job and work in the best interests of the business which one will then be able to see reflected in cash flow. Employees respond positively to being trusted by those of authority, so by asking them to undertake a DBS check you can rest safe in the knowledge that they can be relied upon and this will improve relations as a result.
  • Time-Saving
    While obtaining DBS checks for all your employees can be a time-consuming process at first, it will save time (and therefore money) in the long run. Organisations that carry out checks will discover undisclosed information early on, avoiding legal action and fines later. There are also numerous services which act as a third party and can relieve your business of the lengthy paperwork involved, so there really is no excuse.
  • Employee Safety
    Businesses who carried out DBS checks found that violence in the workplace reduced by 11 per cent and regulatory compliance increased by 44 per cent. If harm is caused to a co-worker and an investigation finds that the staff member responsible has a past history of criminal offences, then the employer is liable and this can have significant legal and financial implications. Being able to provide certification of checks will aid your legal position should any crime occur.
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