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FM sector stands tall to celebrate World FM Day

Today is World FM Day when FMs from across the world come together to celebrate the key role the sector plays in the global economy. This year’s theme is: Celebrating FM – Standing Tall Beyond the Pandemic.

Describing the aims of the day, John Carrillo CFM, IFMA Fellow and Chairman of Global FM said:

“What an extraordinary 2020 we have experienced around the world! FM teams and colleagues working across all areas of Facilities Management have been called upon like never before and with demand for more resilience, compliance, flexibility and adaptability that we have ever known as a profession and industry participants.

“We are all extremely proud of all those working in our profession and industry and for their immense efforts that have allowed business, governments and societies to continue to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible and as circumstances have permitted. FM teams have stood at the forefront in making environments and digital platforms available to meet unanticipated demands and have been significantly important in keeping many sectors operating. The FM profession and industry has been in the spotlight for enabling the built environment, business and society to be open and transparent in an often shuttered and closed world.”

A raft of FM groups, suppliers and big names in FM are utilising social media today using the hashtag #WorldFMDay2021 to chart the extraordinary part FM plays and will continue to play in so many people lives.

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