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FMJ and Grundon launch the 2019 recycling and waste management survey

Whether it is dealing with day-to-day waste, including food or paper waste or handling potentially hazardous waste, facilities managers have to work hard to keep on top of their organisation’s waste and recycling requirements as well as ensuring compliance of waste management legislation.

For the second year, FMJ in conjunction with waste management expert Grundon, has launched a short survey which seeks to gain an up-to-date representation of FMs and all things waste, recycling and sustainability related.

Last year’s survey revealed FMs considered waste management to be the “number one priority” out of all the environmental and sustainability issues they are accountable for, ahead of energy management, carbon footprint and handling hazardous materials. Nearly 94 per cent of FMs believed their role actively mitigates reputational and financial risk to their businesses and over 75 per cent of FMs said they felt more concerned about the risk of non-compliance with waste management regulations than they did in 2017.

Building on the results of the survey, Grundon and FMJ produced an eight-page handbook which was launched at last year’s Facilities Show at London Excel, featuring 12 easy-to-follow steps, insight from the survey and plenty of tips and hints, designed to help FMs establish a detailed waste management strategy that will deliver tangible benefits and mitigate financial and reputational risks to their business.

The results of this year’s survey – alongside some expert advice on waste management will be published online and in the July issue of FMJ.

Please share your experiences and opinions on waste management. It will take just five minutes to complete, and as a thank you for taking part, respondents will be entered into a prize draw to win an Apple HomePod worth over £300.


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