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FMJ and Grundon launch major waste survey

The Environment Agency brought in a new charging scheme for regulatory permits and services on 1 April 2018. The new charges which have been introduced so that businesses and organisations cover the full cost of the services they receive rather than the public – includes changes to the charging scheme for waste (miscellaneous) 2018. The changes may mean that supplementary charges’ may occur affecting the recycling of waste.

The changes are just the latest in a long line of requirements that FMs must tackle when it comes to waste and it’s one of the reasons why waste management can be a major headache for facilities managers.

Whether it is dealing with day to day waste, including food or paper waste or handling potentially hazardous waste, facilities managers have to work hard to keep on top of their organisation’s waste and recycling requirements as well as ensuring compliance waste management legislation.

FMJ in conjunction with waste management expert Grundon has launched a survey to find out how FMs manage their waste compliance. Please share your experiences and opinions on waste management. It will take just five minutes to complete and offers the chance to win an Apple HomePod worth over £300.

The questions asked include the type of waste their organisations handle and how they can help to promote better waste management within an organisation. We also asked about the level of involvement they have with employees in promoting recycling practices, for example, via education and engagement programmes. We also asked participants for tips and advice on measures such as setting up Green Teams or Waste Champions.

We were also keen to discover if organisations as whole had a good understanding of the different types of waste and how to segregate it, and if their senior managers had been provided with any data that showed how improved segregation and recycling could help save the organisation money.

Those surveyed were also asked to give us a steer on the type of waste providers they dealt with, i.e. whether they deal directly with a waste management company or through a broker? And we were also keen to ask how often FMs carried out a review of their waste management provider?

The results of the survey – alongside some expert advice on waste management will be published online and in the June issue of FMJ.




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