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Forbo extends range of Nuway entrance flooring solutions


Nuway Cable with roll-up functionality

Keen to extend the reach of its market leading portfolio of entrance flooring systems, Forbo has introduced a new range of tough and durable Nuway rigid entrance mats, designed to deliver high performance and longevity in heavy traffic areas whilst offering the maximum level of flexibility in terms of aesthetics.

Alongside its well established Nuway Tuftiguard rigid engineered matting ranges, with their double-sided reversible format, Forbo now offers three different single-sided, barrier mat designs – Nuway Grid, Nuway Connect and Nuway Cable. This range extension means that clients looking to keep interiors clean, dry and safe from slip

Nuway Connect in an open format with bristle inserts

Nuway Connect in an open format with bristle inserts

hazards can now be sure of finding a Nuway entrance flooring solution to meet every budget and technical specification. Furthermore, the extended colour offer available ensures that this essential first line of defence against footborne soil and moisture can be fully integrated into the overall floor scheme, co-ordinating perfectly with secondary ‘wipe-off’ textile entrance flooring and other floor finishes.

Nuway Connect is a versatile rigid entrance system designed to suit a wide range of locations. Supplied in a ‘closed’ or ‘open’ construction in 10mm, 17mm and 22mm heights to fit most matwells, it has carrier strips with a low lustre anodised aluminum finish that can help to prevent ‘strobing’ in bright conditions.

Nuway Grid can be teamed up with Forbo's Coral entrance matting and other floor finishes to create a beautifully colour-coordinated entrance area.

Nuway Grid can be teamed up with Forbo’s Coral entrance matting and other floor finishes to create a beautifully colour-coordinated entrance area.

The range of inserts, which can be mixed and matched, includes rubber, bristle and Coral Classic textile strips in six colours. The open version of Nuway Connect can be rolled up which can make it easier to clean the matwell.

Nuway Grid, now available in 12mm and 17mm heights, is a tough and economical entrance flooring solution for high traffic entrance areas where aesthetic considerations are paramount. Grid’s low lustre anodised aluminium carrier sections interlock for durability creating a closed system and the infill strips are joined together by rubber double connecting strips on the underside to dampen sound and vibration. The real beauty of Grid is the array of infill materials available to facilitate perfect colour matching with Forbo’s Coral secondary matting, including textile strips in 13 different colourways from the Coral Classic, Brush Activ and Burford ranges, with other inserts available to special order. If a Nuway Grid mat is required for use outside, rubber inlays are also available.

Completing the Nuway range of single sided matting options is Cable, a continental style matting system with ‘roll up’ functionality and a choice of inserts including rubber, 3-row bristle or Coral Classic in five colours.

Janet Lowe, UK Business Manager of Forbo Flooring Systems says: “At Forbo we believe in providing totally integrated flooring solutions with maximum aesthetic appeal. With our new rigid, single sided Nuway ranges we are creating more opportunities for primary and secondary entrance matting to be perfectly colour co-ordinated and, in turn, for the all important entrance flooring zone to perfectly complement other floor finishes.”

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