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Buying into food procurement – BIFM forum debates

Facilities management delegates met recently to debate catering sector procurement trends and how best to manage the catering function.

The latest British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) FM Leaders Forum opened up debate to both foodservice providers and clients, to explore new trends in facilities management (FM) and how best to respond to them.

 A key focus of the forum was the need to develop the relationship between the client and supplier. BIFM representative and forum facilitator Simon Biggs, explains:

“It is essential that both client and supplier work as effectively as they can together in order to deliver widespread benefits for the organisation, the local community and wider society.”

Biggs continued:

“As the debate progressed, it quickly became clear that there was the need to align business strategy to the property strategy when delivering client driven outsourcing.”

The debate continued looking at the procurement process but ultimately emphasised once more on the need to further articulate the importance and value of FM.

The shape of the market ebbs and flows in relation to what clients want, and even though it was felt the momentum is currently towards a total facilities management approach, standalone caterers can and do thrive.

The ‘Serving up FM: The catering challenge’ paper with key points and outcomes of this FM Leaders Forum has been published and is available to download:

> BIFM Members can access the paper at www.bifm.org.uk/fmlf

> Non-BIFM members can view the paper via www.bifm.org.uk/servingFM

Previous BIFM Leaders Forums include ‘Building successful outsourcing relationships’, ‘Defining the future value of FM’, ‘Starting at stage zero: Engaging facilities managers in the construction process’ ‘Benchmarking: Effective performance management for FM’, ‘BIM and FM: Bridging the gap for success’ and ‘FM Procurement: Who holds the power?’ which can be accessed at www.bifm.org.uk/fmlf


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