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Free energy health check from ABEC

ABEC is addressing the energy efficiency of buildings head-on, by offering organisations a free energy health check. This will help to identify where potential investment could deliver the greatest returns in energy cost and carbon reductions. The health check is suitable for all buildings, from offices, to retail spaces, data centres, leisure facilities, hotels, schools and hospitals.

Upon completion of a free energy health check from ABEC, an organisation can expect to receive a report, benchmarking the energy use of the building and any savings that stand to be made against a typical building of the same size and type in the same area, under CIBSE codes.

The benefit of a health check on a building’s energy use is that organisations can gauge the potential for savings, without committing funds to a full audit. In turn, the information available from ABEC’s energy health check can be used to drive energy efficiency through building controls and upgrades onto the business agenda.

Andy Dyke, Technical Director of ABEC, said:

“No building works as efficiently as it could, no matter what the design or age of the structure. This is because inefficiencies creep in gradually over time, both as a result of the natural degradation of building fabric, plant and equipment, as well as a result of operational errors and a lack of awareness by occupants. This could be called ‘energy decay’.

“By undertaking a free energy health check with us, organisations can start to push energy efficiency measures onto the agenda, without making initial outlays. Too often simple energy reviews are ignored due to fears of complication and an initial cost commitment, neither of which are the case with this offer. This approach complements initiatives such as the government’s Soft Landings, which aims to ensure new building occupants have a full understanding of plant and equipment from the outset.”

If an organisation wants to progress with ABEC, the company has a range of maintenance and engineering packages available, while it can also respond flexibly to individual clients’ needs, tailoring services to suit these.

For further information and to book a free energy health check with ABEC, visit www.abec.co.uk and follow @ABEC_uk


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