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The future for coffee stations starts here: Aimia Foods launches Pour Moi Café Express

Pourmoicoffee-MIFM-Dec13Consumers expect professional quality coffee whenever and wherever they go, and there has never been greater pressure on catering and facilities managers to deliver exciting concepts for site users and visitors.

In what represents the most innovative coffee station launch of the year, Aimia Foods has unveiled its new Pour Moi Café Express concept to the UK vending industry.

Available now, Pour Moi Café Express is specifically designed for environments including universities, colleges, hospitals, leisure and retail sites where expectations are high and traditional vending machines simply don’t meet customer needs.

The concept provides fresh bean-to-cup Fairtrade coffee, hot chocolate and tea in a contemporary station format, served in beautiful fluted 12oz cups with lids. The full suite of beverages on offer on the station’s chalkboard drinks menu includes Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha and Americano. All drinks are made using Milfresh skimmed ‘skinny’ milk supplied by Aimia Foods.

What separates Pour Moi Café Express from other coffee stations is the Fairtrade status of the drinks and freshly brewed tea. The station has reduced maintenance and downtime thanks to longer intervals between fill ups; typically the machine will only need refilling after 48 hours. What’s more, the station features a programmable media screen which can feature site notices, advertisements and other public information.

Economically, this station makes a lot of sense for caterers and facilities managers as it can be installed free of charge by Pour Moi distributors nationwide.

The station makes use of clever technology including a choice of payment systems. There are options for coin or debit/credit cards and even a contact-less payment option using the latest generation of wave and pay cards. The inclusion of a card payment system is a real breakthrough with many sites reporting 40 per cent increases in sales versus coin only options.

A built in management system ensures that drinks sales and the station’s status can be reported in real-time via a web interface, which is helpful in understanding consumption patterns and for remote supervision.

Summarising the concept Martin Armitt, Marketing Controller, concludes:

“Pour Moi Café Express provides a fantastic new retail concept for a broad range of sites. The station delivers high street quality coffee in a well-designed, high tech, visually striking and affordable unit.”

Facilities and catering managers should ask their vending operator or their local hot beverage company for more details, or contact Aimia Foods directly at enquiries@pourmoicoffee.com or visit pourmoicoffee.com


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