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G4S FM working positively to improve the workplace mood

G4S Facilities Management has launched a Customer Engagement Training Programme across its catering contracts which focuses on the impact a persons mood can have on another person, whether it be positive or negative.

With the facilities team often the first point of contact in a building, their ability to affect the workplace mood is considerable. Everyone knows that if you spend time in the company of someone who is miserable, you soon discover that your mood gradually sinks, likewise when you’re with a positive, happy person your mood becomes more uplifted.

G4S has therefore introduced a programme based around the use of 12 mood cards, which display dispositions from cheerful, friendly, calm and helpful, to miserable, stressed, exhausted and bored, and demonstrate the different qualities associated with each mood. For example, a stressed person might run around, shout, act too busy to help and panic. While a cheerful person would smile, have a spring in their step and welcome customers with a ‘how are you today?” or ‘enjoy your meal!’

Ann Belton, learning and development manager at G4S FM, explained further:

“Sometimes it can be easy to let a bad mood affect how you relate to customers and colleagues at work. By taking G4S FM staff through the 12 cards, we show them not only what the different moods are like, but also how they can impact customers in our restaurants. We want to help our employees to understand that whatever might be happening in the world around them, they are in control of their mood and its impact on the customer and their colleagues.”

The training programme mirrors a trend within the catering and FM market to move from concentrating on key performance indicators to focusing on the experience of the end user and the ability to emotively engage that customer. This places much more emphasis on the relationships between catering and FM staff and their customers.


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