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Get More From Floors – Get More Resistance

Flowcrete UK puts the resilient power of resin flooring under the spotlight in the latest instalment from its ongoing Get More From Floors campaign.

The industrial flooring specialist highlights how wear-resistant floors can be specified to tackle the most demanding of situations in ‘Get More From Floors, Get More Resistance,’ available at www.flowcrete.co.uk/campaigns/get-more-from-floors/get-more-resistance
The subject is the fifth of six topics being explored throughout the long running campaign, following on from the issues of durability, hygiene, safety and speed.

Pulling together content including video, case studies and technical data, the Get More From Floors’ resource centre shares Flowcrete’s 30 years’ wide-ranging experience and flooring expertise to help those tasked with selecting floor finishes make informed decisions.

Flowcrete’s floors can be specified with resistance to a range of features, including the ability to absorb shock and electric charge, tackle chemical spillage and attack, endure boiling and sub-zero micro-climates – and deliver a platform to fight abrasion scratch and impact resistance.

Alan Dean, managing director of Flowcrete UK, said: “Choosing a resin material that offers strong resistance to a whole host of chemicals and solvents, as well as climatic and service conditions, will ensure that flooring surfaces not only continue to perform but also continues to look its best for years to come.

“Resin flooring is often the hardest wearing flooring option available to most manufacturing clients – providing a long-lasting, high performance system for the most exacting situations including both wet and dry conditions.

“Now as winter is here, companies start to introduce their planned maintenance programmes and now is a good time to consider a resin floor finish that will not just last over the next 12 months but, depending on the specification, for years to come.”

Flowcrete products include systems that offer advanced protection against chemical and acid attack, ensuing surfaces will not corrode, wear away or damage as a result of spillage.
A number of Flowcrete’s epoxy and polyurethane industrial resin flooring solutions can also be selected with the option of an electro-static dissipative grades, which are often a necessity in the electronic industry or any area that requires permanent control of undesirable electrostatic charges.

Flowcrete has vast experience within the industrial flooring industry – carrying out projects for Blue Chip clients including Bentley Motors, the RAF and BAE Systems – backed up with best in class customer and technical support services.


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