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Glass restoration specialist reassures on quality, health and safety

Revitaglaze Limited, the specialist glass restoration company has been awarded quality accreditations ISO9001, ISO14001, and the health and safety standard, OHSAS18001. Customers across the transportation, local authority, retail, hospitality and construction sectors can now be further reassured of the Revitaglaze commitment to consistently high levels of delivery.

Glass restoration solutions from Revitaglaze remove scratch damage and etched graffiti, weld and cement splatter and many forms of staining from windows and other glass surfaces at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement. Revitaglaze already provides the highest standards of specialist polishing and film application available in the industry and the company’s recent ISO and OHSAS accreditations will serve to reinforce this position.

In achieving ISO9001 certification for its quality management systems, Revitaglaze demonstrates it can provide documentation and a full paper trail for all its services. The establishment of robust management systems will ensure that all Revitaglaze operations are performed to the high standards demanded by ISO9001 and of course our customers.

To help our customers deliver responsibly through their supply chain, Revitaglaze has made environmental protection and sustainable resourcing integral to the way it works. Indeed, Revitaglaze’s repair solutions in themselves are environmentally positive as they negate the need for the manufacture of replacement windows. Revitaglaze has introduced several new environmental measures, such as vehicle tracking to minimise fuel consumption, looked for ways to re-purpose packaging and ensures its suppliers meet the standards required in ISO14001.

“Our environmental management systems don’t just come down to the products and materials we use,” says Wayne Swietoslawski, Quality & Compliance Manager for Revitaglaze, “They also embody the philosophy of the business – we actively seek out ways to reduce our carbon footprint and carry out our role in an environmentally responsible manner.”

The company’s health and safety policy is also reinforced through certification. OHSAS18001 represents a proactive approach to health and safety, supported through regular and fully-documented risk assessments, as well as a two-way dialogue among staff and clients.

Underpinning the reassurance these certifications carry is Revitaglaze’s commitment to staff training and development. This means that all of Revitaglaze’s fully employed staff have specialist skills, understand what customers need and are able to work in a legally compliant way.

“Because of the specialist nature of our work, customers need lots of support. As a leader in the field we often find that our performance is well above what the client expects,” said Ian Bower, Managing Director of Revitaglaze.

For further information on Revitaglaze visit www.revitaglaze.com or tel: +44 (0) 843 289 3901

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