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Good food and euro views

On the 26th of February it was FMJ’s pleasure to sponsor Bartlett Mitchell’s BMFM 2020 event in London.

Held at One New Change opposite St. Paul’s cathedral the catering company had arranged for a lively debate on the impact of the European Union on the facilities management sector. Hosted by Roy Lilley, respected commentator and writer who also appeared on stage at last year’s Think FM conference, the debate saw four recognisable faces from across the industry give their views, and they were overwhelmingly supportive of Britain remaining within the EU.

The nation was described as the link between the continent and the USA, the influx of migrant workers supported as completely necessary and the host’s claims of this as a time of great political instability largely dismissed. When the audience was polled it found that these views were pretty representative of the mood of the room.

With the political stuff over and done with it was time to get down to the serious business of networking and sampling some of the delicacies that the hosts had laid on. The menu, which wouldn’t have looked out of place at a Heston Blumenthal restaurant included such innovations as: “Sea trout with almost burnt cream and fermented cucumber,” “Jerusalem artichoke with lemon,” and “rice taco, pistachio, saffron and sea herb.” By and large the food was delicious and the networking, I’m sure, of great benefit to all those present.



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