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GP PRO Debuts the Premium Washroom Collection

Since when did the washroom become the coolest room in the building? Since right now.

We spend 400 days in a washroom over our life-times.¹ Shouldn’t it be a good experience when we go? Well maintained public washrooms have benefits that can affect your bottom line. Customers say it communicates a perception of quality, safety and overall cleanliness, and influences their likelihood to return.²

The Premium Washroom Collection from GP PRO is a coordinated suite of products that offers a new level of design and elegance. But, they don’t just look nice. These dispensers were designed to make your washroom work for your business, rather than against it.

Let us explain.

Touchless dispensing helps control usage, resulting in reduced waste of product. Not to mention, 78% of people prefer touchless dispensers.³ We’re not talking touchless air dryers here. We’re talking soap and paper towel dispensers. Besides, do you know how many germs those air dryers spread?

Now let’s get to the stinky part. Yes, we mean washroom odour. It may be a bigger deal than you know. Behind dirty toilet seats, the number two washroom complaint is odour. Smell has such a primal impact, it actually transforms perception. 65% of people will tell someone if your washroom smells bad.4 If you have an odour problem, you need to diffuse the situation with ActiveAire products by GP PRO ASAP.

So, what do you say? Is it time your washroom got an upgrade?

More information is available at: office.gppro.com/premiumrestroomcollection, by emailing Neil Court Neil.Court@GAPAC.com or by calling +44 (0) 7792 129166.



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