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GRITIT is a finalist in the Risk Management Awards 2015

GRITIT has been named a finalist in the CIR (Continuity Insurance and Risk) Risk Management Awards 2015.

In partnership with Telogis, GRITIT is a finalist in the Best Use of Technology in Risk Management category. This category reflects the ability of an organisation to proactively use technology for delivering recognisable benefits in its management of risk.

GRITIT supports its operations and provides real-time reporting as proof of service using a combination of Telogis cloud/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) software platform and cutting-edge mobile solutions. This has provided location intelligence for operators working from 6pm to 6am. GRITIT’s services are often ‘unseen’. Tracking and managing operators on site is a critical service guarantee for clients and enables GRITIT to provide robust reports for clients in the event of an accident or liability claim:

Telogis Fleet – is used to track all vehicles during and after service for proof of attendance, tracking exactly where the vehicle is within the site, as well as monitoring driver behaviour.

Telogis Progression – is used for real-time job creation, tracking alerts, job reassignments and job completion reporting.

Telogis Mobile – job allocations are received via a smart or handheld device that is used for reporting on each job, and logging arrival and departure times, issues and site conditions. Operators convey site conditions by attaching photos to form responses to provide at-a-glance confirmation that a site has been serviced to specification.

GRITIT’s managing director Nikki Singh-Barmi commented on the awards success: “We’re delighted to gain recognition and to sit alongside some large and influential companies. Using latest telematics technology, GRITIT has delivered a genuine advantage in the management of winter risk, as well supporting the company’s sustainability and compliance objectives by reducing fuel consumption and supporting health and safety.”

For further information on risk management and GRITIT services, visit: www.gritit.com/contact



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