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Hands-free industrial label printer saves time and money

Epson’s LabelWorks LW-Z900FK is ideal for demanding environments thanks to a rugged design and Pick & Print automation

Automated and fast label printing, cost-saving options, and hands-free operation make Epson’s new industrial-grade LabelWorks LW-Z900FK a must-have for jobs in demanding environments.

Ideally suited to installers, maintenance contractors, builders and plumbers, the LabelWorks LW-Z900FK is ideal for rapidly, efficiently and affordably labelling electrics, cabling, including audio/video cables, data communications equipment, as well as pipes and machinery, in offices, factories, server rooms and construction sites.

A unique Pick & Print function enables the LW-Z900FK to print the next label in a pre-set series when it detects that a user has ‘picked’ the previous label – this is combined with automatic full and half cutting. That’s the perfect time-saver for repetitive jobs, as is its ability to save up to 100 different label patterns. Hands-free operation is made possible by an automatic cutter that cuts full or half-size labels, and magnets that can be used to hold the printer onto steel surfaces. Text entry is made easier by a central keyboard – alternatively a PC keyboard can be used while using Epson’s Label Editor software.

The LabelWorks LW-Z900FK can use up to seven different tape widths – from 4 to 36mm – and three different shapes of die-cut labels, all on tapes measuring up to 9m long. Though the tapes it uses are affordable, it minimises their use, offering label margins as small as 1mm to save money. Label types include heat-resistant, glow in the dark, reflective and many more. Despite that versatility, quality is assured, with the LabelWorks LW-Z900FK producing clear and concise 360dpi resolution labels. Its built-in carry handle and protective casing ensure that it’s at home in demanding industrial environments.

The LabelWorks LW-Z900FK is available from December 2015.

Epson-MIFM-NOV15-1-LabelWorks LW-Z900FK 3Key features:

  • Pick & Print printing
  • Auto cutter (full / half)
  • Up to seven different tape widths from 4-36mm
  • Tape lengths up to 9m maximum
  • Mix-length function can print up to 50 different lengths of labels in one job
  • Down to 1mm label margins
  • Label types include standard and specialist varieties, such as heat-resistant, glow in the dark, magnetic, die-cut and heat shrink tube (HST) labels
  • 360-dpi quality
  • Drop Stop functionality – ensures that labels do not drop from the printer when printed and automatically cut
  • Data download function from laptops and PCs
  • Long life Li-Ion battery
  • Qwertz/Azerty keyboard for Germany/France
  • Integrated carry handle

For more information visit http://eco.epson.com/ email leonie.toal@epson.eu or call 01442 261144.


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