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Happy birthday FMJ

Ribbon bow redHello and welcome to the latest edition of Facilities Management Journal (FMJ). This issue marks a couple of important milestones both for me as editor and, more importantly, the publication itself.

While this month represents my two-year anniversary at the helm, we have also chosen this issue to celebrate FMJ’s 21st birthday, as you may have already noticed by the front cover.

Naturally, a feeling of nostalgia has filled the air and an opportunity to reflect is far too inviting. In my two years as editor, there have been no earth shattering changes to speak of, but then this isn’t an IT or telecoms industry that can rely so steadily on the consistent progress of science and technology. In the IT sector, for example, since the dawn of the home computer, consumers have been at the whim of Moore’s Law –a term named after Intel’s co-founder, Gordon E. Moore, used to describe the phenomenon that sees the overall processing power of computers double every two years.

Indeed, for the past two decades, the IT markets have been able to successfully sell updated hardware, on average, every 18 months. Similarly, the smartphone sector has been able to deployan equivalent strategy, releasing new products to market in an even shorter, more effective 12-month cycle.

However, while the term ‘facilities management’ lacks some of the lustre and sparkle of IT or telecoms and remains relatively unknown to anyone outside of the sectors that come into contact with it on a daily operational basis, the FM industry is becoming much more confident in its message with each month that passes, thanks in part to the growth of outsourcing.

As the economy continues to struggle, FM companies are demonstrating their innate ability to help organisations reduce significant costs, and while this may lead to worries about commoditising FM services, it is undoubtedly putting FM at the heart of more and more business’ strategy.

fmjapril2013smA quick look forward to some of the highlights in this month’s magazine and you will find issues that have not only played a big part in FM’s development over the years but will continue to shape its destiny in thedecades to come.

In our energy management feature, for example, we approach a subject that has been intrinsically linked with FM since its own origins. And while organisations continue to place such importance on sustainability and energy efficiency, facilities managers will have a key role to play in its delivery.

Looking to the future on page 32, JohnnyDunford, global commercial property director at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, explains how his organisation is attempting to raise the standards of FM globally by promoting the intelligent use of building information modelling, a process that has been earmarked by a number of other organisations such as the BIFM and the FMA as key to FM’s development.

A 21st birthday is a symbolic time in a person’s life. It marks the point at which they leave the throes of youth behind to become a proper adult. For this reason, over the coming months FMJ will be celebrating its 21st year by looking in more detail at the last two decades of FM. We will be speaking to those who helped shape it at the beginning, the people and companies driving the industry today, and the young stars who will push it to brave new frontiersin the future.

As always, we welcome your input. If you think you have a story that the rest of the FM industry should hear, please get in touch. In the meantime, from everyone here at FMJ, we thank you for your continued support and sincerely hope you can join us at the next important milestone when we turn 25 in four years’ time.

FMJ Editor, Simon Iatrou

FMJ Editor, Simon Iatrou

As some of you may be aware I had an accident while on holiday in New York, which caused me to be away longer than planned. I’m now home and back working. Thank you for all your good wishes, they are very much appreciated.


Simon Iatrou, Editor Facilities Management Journal



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