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Helistrat launches single-use hierarchy discussion paper

Environmental consultancy and implementation partner, Helistrat, has launched its latest discussion paper ‘Designing Out Disposables’.

The paper follows recent media coverage, and the increased public awareness of single-use plastics and their impact on the environment, and seeks to better understand the single-use hierarchy and asses the viability and sustainability of alternative materials.

Commenting on the paper, Helistrat’s Head of Sustainability, Nathan Gray, said: “Consumer pressure is forcing business to find alternatives to single-use plastics in order to protect their brand reputation and ultimately, sales. The switch however, is not as easy as people may think. Materials which appear more sustainable at face value, often come with their own challenges, both in terms of their environmental impact and the ability of the UK’s infrastructure to recycle and reprocess them. Further investment and a collaborative approach throughout the supply chain, is the only way to ensure we do more than just apply a sticking plaster to the problem.”

The paper was produced with input from Helistrat’s supporting partners Vegware, a global specialist in plant-based compostable foodservice packaging and local campaign group, The Final Straw Solent, which supports businesses and consumers in the Solent region to cut down their use of single-use plastics.




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